The Great Comission

Sunday 16th January
“I saw the Power and Light of Heaven come down onto the Children of God, but it did not stop there it flowed through them and out into the people round about them.
If you want to know more of the Love of God in your life, touch those round about you with the love that God has given to you
If you want to know more of the power of God in your life, touch those round about you with the Power if God that is in your life
If you want to know more of the provision of God, touch those round about you with what God has provided to you
If you want to know more of the Grace and Mercy of God in your life touch those about you with mercy and Grace.
We are not vessels to hold and keep the Love, Power, Provision, etc .. of God, but we are conduits through which these things are to be given those in need and to those who seek God”
This is a “Word” that I spoke on Sunday morning in Church, we are currently dealing with the subject of Personal Witness in our Sunday Services and in our weekly House (Life) Groups. We have been given a commission (Matt 28) to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Our world may not be overseas but it maybe and should be our doorstep, our Street, our workplace. The challenge is to go in the Power of God, Trust in Him, move out of the place of comfort and to meet people, know them, get close to them, show them the Love of God through our actions, pray for them, answer their questions, and find opportunities to speak the words of Christ into their lives.
Another word given on Sunday morning was (not exact words) Get up and do it, what are you waiting for, Get out there and do it!

Answers in Genesis – Creation or Evolution

Saturday 15th January
Answers in Genesis ( held a day conference at LifeChurch in Wigston, Leicester on Saturday. There were two speakers , Paul F Taylor (Just six days) and Prof. Andy Macintosh (Leeds University). They did 4 talks between them, “Dinosaurs”, “Relevance of Christianity in a Post Modern Society”, “No time for itching ears” and “Creation, The Evidence”.
The talk which really impacted on me was the third talk “No Time for Itching Ears” which is also the title of Paul Taylor’s latest book. The title is taken from the book of Timothy which describes how in the last days men will turn away from the Truth and believe what they want. In relation to Genesis the talk showed how as men dilute and turn away from the Truth of Gensis they are turning away from the Foundations of the whole Bible because in Genesis the primary doctrines (teachings) are formed and and on these the whole of the rest of scripture stands. The apostle Paul talks about Genesis as if it is Trust, Jesus talks about Genesis as if it is Truth and so on. Sin, redemption, Forgiveness, Marriage, The Trinity are all “conceived” in Gensis and to deny the teaching of Genesis undermines the Trust of these doctrines.